When Terminations Go Wrong: Workplace Violence and the Troubling Termination

Monday 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM

Session Description

In the past, an angry ex-employee would likely call an employment attorney and sue the company. Today, they are taking matters into their own hands. With the rise of workplace violence, the termination process has become more complex. Having the skills and knowledge to prevent or minimize risks during a termination benefits everyone.  

As HR leaders, we are responsible for implementing strategies and training to manage risks in order so that we protect the company, our people AND ourselves especially in light of what is going on in our world.

Don’t wait until something happens to find out what to do when something happens.


William Garcia

During a twenty-five-year career that started in the broom closet of an insurance company, Bill Garcia has hired, lead and disbanded teams in IT, facilities, catastrophe response and business resumption for Fortune 500’s, government, academia and start-ups clients. 

A member of HRMAC & SHRM, (Chicago and Northern Illinois chapters) he has the honor to serve as co-captain of the bookstore for the 2018 National SHRM conference in Chicago.

Bill is responsible for workplace safety program development, finance and operations at Team Fireball





Debbie Pickus

With over 25 years in fitness and martial arts training, Debbie Pickus works with groups to create the power, energy and confidence to kick every situation’s butt with your mind. Her company, Team Fireball, delivers fitness-focused team building programs, fitness coaching and other mental and physical training activities designed to facilitate employee engagement, stress reduction and increased productivity.

Her 20+ years in fitness and martial arts have given Debbie a unique perspective on the mind/body connection and how to use it as a power source. She speaks to groups about harnessing this power to create the confidence and courage to get the results you want in life. From the boardroom, to the classroom, to the family room and beyond, Mental Self Defense will have you mastering every situation with your mind.