Virtual Booth Details


  1. Poster
    • Place your logo along with a tag line or a brief description about your company products or services
    • Save the entire graphic box as a jpg or png file, 200 pixels x 300 pixels
  2. Welcome Screen
    • Just like having your booth in the on-site exhibit hall, this is where attendee’s will see you when they arrive. Take advantage of great visuals to tell your story along with compelling copy. The goal is to encourage them to wnat to know more about your company and want to Chat or set an appointment to learn more.
    • This is where you will greet and welcome attendees into your booth. You may have various options available. They are: 
      • Video – you will need to provide the video as an mp4 file along with a cover image with a play button icon in the center of the image. The image can be a maximum of 500 pixels x 450 pixels saved as jpg or png
      • Graphic – The image can be a maximum of 500 pixels x 450 pixels saved as jpg or png
      • Copy Only – provide as txt or doc file, maximum 500 word count 
  3. Tabs
    • Tabs are for section titles within your booth. 
    • They are: Welcome, up to 3 custom tabs, Giveaway (option, if you are providing a giveaway) and Contact Us
    • Below is more information about the tabs
  4. Booth Background
    • You have the choice of backgrounds. You can use the conference background or provide on of your own
    • If providing your own background the size must be 1150 pixel wide and 700 pixels in height,
    • jpg or png format


  1. Custom Tabs
    • Tabs are for section titles within your booth. Common ones are ‘About Us,’ ‘Social Media,’ ‘Services,’ ‘Products,’ ‘Videos,’ and more. One great idea is to think of the sections of your own website and consider how those could translate!
    • Up to 3 Custom Tabs
  2. Custom Tab Title
    • The Custom Tab Titlewill match the Custom Tab
  3. Description
    • For each Custom Tab include a description to let the attendees know what they will find in the section, 250 word max
  4. Attachments – File Format
    • Image – provide jpg or png, no larger than 500 pixels wide and 500 pixels in height
    • Videos – provide mp4 files
    • Presentations – provide as pdfs, mp4 or PPT
    • Documents – provide pdfs
  5. File Name
    • General files are named for the person saving them. For the virtual booth remain the file so that it will mean something to the attendee
  6. File Description
    • For each file write a description that will encourage the attendee to click the file to open
    • Maximum of 255 characters per file


  • Consider Giveaways – people interact more when there is something they can gain. Why not offer a prize to the first person that answers a secret question announced on your Twitter or Facebook? How about going into the session room chat and mentioning your booth and prize? Offering a giveaway creates a buzz about your company and is a great way to interact.
  • Giveaway Title
  • Description – 200 word count maximum, Let the attendees know what they need to do to be in the drawing for your giveaway and what the giveaway is.
  • Picture of Giveaway – maximum of 300 pixels by 300 pixels, jpg or png
  • If you are not giving away and item than this tab will not appear


  • Include contact person, email, phone, website


  • Please provide the name and email of the two people staffing your virtual booth the days of the conference


  • Once you have decided on all the information you want to include in your booth and have collected the assets, you are ready to upload them into our system.
  • Enter your information into the form on the right

Deadline – July 8, 2020