The Critical Role of HR in Cybersecurity

Tuesday 8:00 – 9:00 AM

Session Description

Tim Weber, Director of Security Services at ADNET Technologies, will discuss the cybersecurity threats that companies are facing each day and the critical role HR plays in keeping sensitive company and employee information safe from attackers. Tim will also speak about the need for HR in both security policy development and enforcement. Learn more about the targeted threats frequently directed at HR personnel and how you can prevent these attacks from being successful.

Tim Weber

Tim Weber, Director, Security Services, has been with ADNET Technologies since 1994. He is passionate about increasing security awareness at an organizational level and establishing IT security governance models. Tim has earned industry recognition as a leading security expert as well as certifications such as the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional).

Tim is a frequent speaker at ADNET and other industry events and strives to help his audience think differently about their IT and security challenges. A veteran blogger, TV, radio and podcast guest, Tim frequently draws parallels between his work as a firefighter and an IT security expert.