Social Media – #tristateshrm2022


This year’s goals for Social Media at the conference are simple. Provide relevant, engaging content that informs and empowers our attendees, followers and fellow HR professionals. We cannot do it without you! As valuable and contributing members of the community, we want you to know, if you have information relevant to your sessions, are representing an organization, or have a valuable HR relevant message to share, we want to be a part of you increasing your reach and will happily do so through our channels!

Rules of engagement are simple:  Be relevant, be informative, add value, and NO direct sales or gimmicks (i.e. be creative).

No strategy ever works unless the road map is shared and the effort is collaborative. We want our attendees to KNOW that we are partners. The table shows a brief rundown of our plan.


  • How do you want to engage?
  • How do you want attendees to engage with you?
  • How can we partner to achieve those goals?

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