G’Day to HR: A Global Perspective

Monday 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM

Session Description

You will learn about the innovative practices and emerging HR trends in Australia so you can incorporate the best ideas into your organization and avoid the worst.

HR management processes in Australia are constantly evolving and learning and HR operates in a much more regulated environment than the USA. Deeper understanding of what is occurring in the in Australia will help HR professionals to be aware of, and plan for, key issues that could potentially impact their own organizations. 

The employment rate in Australia is almost the same as the USA – but the minimum hourly wage is USD $13.35 per hour and union membership sits at 25% of workers (contrasting with the USA’s 13%). Australia has socialised healthcare (so benefits look entirely different) and a far smaller population of just under 25 million.

This session will focus on learning from the best HR practices in Australia including a real focus on workplace learning and development.

But you’ll also find out more about the worst HR practices we encounter (we have everything legislated – and there’s no such thing as at-will employment!) and how we navigate them.

Ultimately though, the session will focus on sharing practical lessons and ideas for what you can learn from HR in Australia and help you use what might be applicable within your organisation. 


Renee Robson

Renée is a bit of a tech addict who spends far too much time furiously investigating new opportunities and theories in the world of people & culture. She’s enthusiastic about the contribution that forward-thinking leaders can make in ensuring that work is a place where people can be fulfilled, and have opportunities to learn, grow and develop. Her background across HR & organisational development started in L&D and means she gets to spend all day equal parts fighting HR fires and planning long term people solutions.

Renée is the Performance & Capability Manager at Widex in Melbourne, Australia. Widex is a global healthcare technology company based in Denmark and the Melbourne office operates across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong & Singapore. Renée is active on social media and blogs at www.reneerobson.com and other sites, and collaborates globally through Twitter (@ReneeRoberz).