Don’t Risk It – Learn to be Ethically Vigilant

Monday 12:45 – 1:45 PM

Session Description

One oversight, one moment of turning your head the other way is all it takes to alter the course of your entire career. That’s the lesson Rashmi Airan learned after approving creative transactions during her time as a real estate lawyer. After serving time in prison for bank fraud, Rashmi speaks about the importance of being ethically vigilant.


Rashmi Airan

Rashmi grew up in Miami with her Indian parents. Her roles include being a small business owner, lawyer, volunteer, entrepreneur, and most importantly, a mother. Rashmi was named Kent Scholar at Columbia Law School and worked for Morgan Stanley after graduating with honors from UNC-CH. She has worked at law firms and for the government. While running her own firm, one of Rashmi’s clients engaged in illegal business practices. Rashmi served six months of a year-and-a-day sentence in prison—an experience she now shares boldly to encourage ethical vigilance and ethical decision-making.