Humanology: The Future of Technology in the Workplace

Tuesday 3:45 – 4:45 PM

Session Description

Technology is transforming our world. The demands on businesses to innovate are tremendous. With technological advances like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and transformative technology being touted almost daily, there is an opportunity for organizations to understand these next frontiers of humanity in an effort to cultivate new levels of efficiency and capability among their workforces. Ignoring both the prevalence and importance of technology in the workplace is frivolous. “Humanology” is Janine’s theory that the future of work, future of life and current trajectory of business dictates that technology and humans will have to work together seamlessly towards a common goal. Now is the time to re-imagine our value as practitioners while arming ourselves with the right technology; making us an unstoppable force within the organizations we serve.

In this session, Janine makes the case for the impact technology will have on human behavior, society and business and the ways you can participate in the digital shift as HR practitioners.

Janine Dennis