Building a Culture of Accountability

Tuesday 8:00 – 9:00 AM

Session Description

At every level of every organization, projects begin, tasks are assigned, efforts are made and deadlines are met – or missed. Directions are given but not always understood. Deliverables are promised but not always delivered and agreements are made but not always followed. It’s not really any one person’s fault, it’s just part of how people fail to communicate in a specific and deliberate manner about the tasks they assign or accept. The Building a Culture of Accountability program provides a systematic way to overcome these common barriers by focusing on a 4-phase accountability continuum which includes; Role Clarity, Purpose, Ownership and Behavior. When linked to mutual understanding, this cycle allows employees at all levels to make significant progress with moving tasks forward to achieve a higher level of job impact, job satisfaction and organizational success.

David O’Brien

David O’Brien is President of WorkChoice Solutions, a trusted provider of leadership training, coaching and consulting services that was founded in 2000. His HR and Organizational Development consulting career spans 30 years and includes key leadership and P&L responsibility within a variety of industries.

He works with a wide range of corporate, non-profit and government clients to help bring about sustainable improvements in organizational effectiveness. His first book, The Navigator’s Handbook, 101 Leadership Lessons for Work & Life was released in 2010. David’s second book, The Navigator’s Compass, 101 Steps Toward Leadership Excellence had a nationwide release in 2016.