Leading Culture Change: How to Bring Mindfulness to Your Organization

Monday 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Session Description

Mindfulness continues to become a staple for employee development in numerous Fortune 500 companies. Why? Because it is the key to improving employee health and productivity as well as to building a workplace culture where all people can flourish.

In fact, 42% of companies today have launched some type of mindfulness initiative and the numbers continue to rise. Mindfulness will help your employees discover how to meet the demands of a rapidly changing work environment with greater skill and ease. And it can be the secret sauce to creating a positive workplace culture.

Cheryl Jones, M.A.

Cheryl Jones, M.A., is Chief Wellness Officer at The Mindful Path. She has devoted her career as a healthcare professional to teaching best practices for health and well-being that can be easily integrated into everyday life. She is passionate about creating healthy, sustainable workplaces where all people can flourish. Cheryl is an exercise physiologist with extensive training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and a Certificate in Spirituality from the University of Saint Joseph. She is the author of Thriving When Your Cosmic Egg Is Cracked and Mindful Exercise. Cheryl was formerly Aetna’s Wellness Strategy Lead and Director of Mindfulness.