Emotions and Employee Well-Being

Wednesday 12:30 – 1:30 PM

Session Description

As a former HR executive, Ben knows that people and business set goals but there is often something holding them back from achieving their potential. Emotional pain, or unresolved emotions, can severely inhibit a person and business from achieving their goals. Understanding and acknowledging emotions, (even at work), is crucial to employee well-being.



Ben Eden has presented around the world with a message that raises listeners’ sights and encourage them to “Reach Their Ultimate Potential”. He has a unique way of communicating with words that will capture your attention and inspire your mindset.

With real life examples and entertaining stories, Ben helps audiences master their thoughts, heal their emotions, and live their dreams so they can achieve their best in both business and in life.

From being an HR executive with nearly 2,000 employees … to starting multiple businesses, Ben will help you live your dreams now as you reach for your ultimate potential.