5 Steps to Make Agile HR a Success

Monday 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Session Description

Many organizations are implementing concepts and elements of the Agile methodology in efforts to transform HR’s role, effectiveness and contribution to the organization.

Successful implementation depends on a number of factors: leadership buy-in, core team taking on the initiatives, planning, and integration of the concepts and methods. And not only…

Agile HR represents a major shift in the functional mindset. If it’s not considered in planning and implementation, it can become a serious bottleneck in the successful transition. It can send a ripple effect throughout the organization with a drop in productivity, collaboration and ultimately growth.

In this session you will discover the hidden reasons that make Agile HR a challenge. You will acquire tools and strategies to make HR transformation a success.

Anna Samorukova

Anna Samorukova helps people and organizations succeed with breakthrough methodologies and learning experiences that inspire and enable growth through collaboration, innovative thinking and productivity. She’s the author of The FLOW to Transformation™ system, a universal framework that transforms and empowers any situation, challenge, and environment in which human dynamics play a part.